Data Functions

Observations prior to 2020-08-09 are automatically removed from the database.

Archived data may be found at:

Download Data By Day

Start Date (start of day) End Date (end of day)

Select instruments for download. If none are checked, all instruments will be downloaded. It is generally recommended to download a month of data at a time. If you select a date range resulting in too much data, you will receive an error message. Reduce the date range selected and try again.

Select for
Instrument Name Site Available
Ingest Data
OLO1 Volcano flank 14838066 Data URLs
OLO3 Border Fault 15137276 Data URLs
OLOT Test Site 110883988 Data URLs
OLO6 OLO6 16941774 Data URLs
OLO7 OLO7 401952 Data URLs
OLO8 OLO8 0 Data URLs
OLOJ Test Site 79347343 Data URLs
OLON Test Site 13404760 Data URLs

See the Data URLs for URL syntax definitions used to make customized data ingest and download requests. These URLs are also used for program generated requests, e.g from browsers, Matlab, R, Python, etc.